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Palm Beach Resort is located in Pedra Badejo – a vibrant fishermen`s village that takes you back in time. It’s not crowded with tourists, so you can easily relax and at the same time enjoy a real cape verdean life. The island has a rich history, and we can offer you a interesting history lesson with one of the locals.

The mid-Atlantic Ocean surrounding Cape Verde is rich with all kinds of marine life and fishing is the main occupation for the people living here. Species like Wahoo, yellow-fin tuna, sail fish, blue marlin, amberjack and sharks roam the waters. Deep sea fishing is therefore a popular activity for tourists as well. We will be happy to organize fishing trips for you!

The rich marine life also makes the islands a heaven for adventurous deep sea divers. The month of March is recommended for humpback whale sightings. The summer is when the whale sharks arrive. The area also offers a large variety of smaller marine life including surgeonfish, goatfish, parrotfish, spotted triggerfish and different kinds of nudibranches. The underwater world includes caves and reefs such as the King Fisher Reef suitable for beginners and the Octopus Reef for more experienced divers. There is also a number of wrecks along the coast, including the Santa Maria, a steamship whose rusting hulk can be seen on the beach at low tide. Rocky shores are a good sight for snorkeling.

Santiago provides a good oppertunity for hiking. The most challenging one being the trek to the top of Mount Antonio at 1,392 meters. While hiking you can enjoy the birdlife of the islands. There are several unique birds, among these are the Cape Verde warbler, the Cape Verde Swift (Alexander’s swift), the Raso Island lark and the Cape Verde lark that is pictured on the 1000 ECV bill. You also find birds of pray such as falcons, kestrels, buzzards and owls. Pleace klick here for further information about Cape Verdian birdlife and the African Bird Club.

It’s about a 20 minutes drive away from the hotel to The National Botanical Garden at São Jorge Dos Orgãos, the only botanical garden in Cape Verde and the westernmost in the entire Africa. It features flowers and trees native to the islands.

We do all excursions and tours:

  • Day trip and sightseeing to Tarafal
  • Day trip and sightseeing to Praia
  • Day trip and sightseeing to Cidade Velha
  • Trip to plantations and grog factories around Pedra Badejo
  • Trip to the Botanical Garden
  • Trip to the mountains
  • Praia nightlife
  • Bird watching

We arrange for:

  • Traditional musicians and dancers events
  • Fishing tours
  • Deep sea fishing tours
  • Trips to other islands  (Fogo and Maio)
  • Car and motorbike hire